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Home of the Smokin' Nuts BBQ Team

Smokin’ Nuts… Who are we?
  • We are Calhoun County’s finest BBQ Cooks!
  • We strive to feed the poor, the hungry, the hunters, the fishermen, and any other empty belly out there needing a tasty meal.
  • We have competed against and partied with many of the BEST BBQ teams in the world, and we can hold our own.
  • One of our goals is to help those in need, and we believe we have done so since the conception of our team.
We often cook for:
  • Benefits for sick children
  • Those inconvenienced by hurricane Claudette
  • The needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Grieving families due to untimely tragedies
  • Anniversaries and birthdays

We cater for any and all events for a fee.

We, as a team, enter as many competition events per year as time allows. We do, however; have jobs and families to support, but our sense of community and giving is genuine!


  Loving What We Do

"Upcoming Events"
  • Houston Cookoff, Date
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